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VendorHawk + GoToMeeting: Understanding your Suite of Licenses

Today we’re proud to announce a robust integration with GoToMeeting. Managing suite-based applications like GoToMeeting can get complicated. You might be familiar with questions like: How many GoToMeeting Pro licenses […]

VendorHawk Announces $1.2M Seed Round to Expand its Software Vendor Management Platform

SEATTLE – (June 29, 2017) – Enterprise software vendor management platform VendorHawk announces a seed round of $1.2M to help IT, procurement, and finance professionals more effectively manage the broad […]

Introducing “Under-Performing Dollars” in VendorHawk: what you’re leaving on the table

What do you call unused software licenses midway through an annual software contract? With Gartner projecting an typical savings of up to 30% on software license optimization efforts, those savings […]

VendorHawk + Zendesk: Managing Agents Alongside Usage

Today we are proud to announce our integration with the fastest growing, market leading, service desk solution, Zendesk. With more than 75,000 paid customers to date, Zendesk has quickly become […]

VendorHawk + Dropbox: Driving Utilization towards a “Dropbox Shop”

Based on our research, CIOs who have deployed a corporate-wide file-sharing solution struggle to drive wide-spread adoption. End users often store files in all kinds of cloud environments, opening up the […]

VendorHawk + Box: Driving Utilization towards a “Box Shop”

Based on our research, CIOs who have deployed a corporate-wide file-sharing solution struggle to drive wide-spread adoption. End users often store files in all kinds of cloud environments, opening up the […]

VendorHawk + Salesforce: Driving Utilization. Harnessing Costs.

  Salesforce is consistently one of the largest line items in an organization’s technology budget. Through our ground-breaking Salesforce integration, VendorHawk has been helping Salesforce customers more accurately understand license […]

New Research: 5 questions CIOs must ask about SaaS

When it comes to “software hygiene” at the modern company, many well meaning companies don’t realize how bad their problem really is around managing licenses, vendors and costs. Our recently […]

Announcing the Industry-First 2017 SaaS Optimization Best Practices Report

SEATTLE, Washington – February 21, 2017 – VendorHawk today announced the results of the survey for the industry’s first-ever SaaS Optimization Best Practices Report. Centered around the pains of SaaS […]

VendorHawk Accelerates Growth in Techstars Seattle 2017 Class

SEATTLE (January 26, 2017) – It is with great excitement that we announce VendorHawk’s acceptance into one of the most powerful startup accelerators on the planet – Techstars. Accepting only […]

“Cloud-first” is Risky for the Bottom Line – Mitigating Risk (Part 3 of 3)

The last two weeks we have focused on the two major areas of risk that “cloud-first” strategies have on the bottom line: infrastructure and business applications. Now let’s focus on […]

“Cloud-first” is Risky for the Bottom Line – Business Apps (Part 2 of 3)

To continue from last week’s article on “cloud-first” challenges for IT leaders, we continue the conversation this week focused on the next greatest challenge to the bottom line – business-led […]

“Cloud-first” is Risky for the Bottom Line – Infrastructure (Part 1 of 3)

The rising trends of “cloud-first” infrastructure and “cloud-first” business apps are creating some significant challenges for IT & FInance leaders who are trying to watch their costs. The modern enterprise […]

CFOs: Where Most Companies Miss with SaaS Budgeting

Hint: Software Waste Hits $28 Billion in the US Alone Phew! The sigh of relief from completing your year-end budgeting and planning process. Let’s discuss an honest question: On the […]

21st Century Problem: ShelfWare in the Cloud

#WatchYourSaaS We all do it. It happens to the best of us. We are all guilty of leaving money on the table when it comes to not using SaaS products […]

The Future of IT’s Role in Cloud SaaS

The Backstory & The Shift It wasn’t long ago when the IT team used to be the outright hero of all things technological in the office – to many, you […]

It’s Official: Government Agencies Are Now Required to Crack Down on Software Waste

Even the government realizes software waste is a reality – a leak they are trying to plug in their operational budgets. As of July 29th, 2016, the Federal Office of […]

A CFO’s Guide to Minimizing Risk with SaaS

SaaS products are popping up like weeds. Have you noticed it? But why so fast? At a meta level, this article from Zuora & MGI Research gives a few hints […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Renewing Your SaaS Subscription

So you are getting close to renewal time with one of your SaaS subscriptions. You might be thinking, “Should I renew, or not?” Or you may be thinking, “We love […]

Cleaning-up SaaS subscriptions can save you thousands!

After experiencing several “surprises” from recurring payments in my personal life, I began to despise the ingenious business model of recurring payments. As a software salesman myself, I realized: How […]

5 Easy Tips to Better Track Software Vendors & Costs

I get it. As a business leader in a growing business you’re consumed with top line revenue and growth – not as much with minimizing costs and bottom-line implications. But […]

7 Places You’re Wasting Money with SaaS

You’re like most IT leaders. (“Hang on a sec, BRB. I’m dealing with a mission critical issue… …okay, I’m back.) You want to leverage SaaS products to help end users […]